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Teaching of Tenrikyo

Spiritual Development Course

Shuyoka is a three-month spiritual development course offered at the Home of the Parent, which is taught as the place where God the Parent resides and where Oyasama lives through all eternity. Shuyoka provides an opportunity for people to learn the teachings of God the Parent and savor the joy of faith.

Anyone who is seventeen years of age or older and who has the wish and resolve to seek faith is eligible for admission to Shuyoka.

Shuyoka includes courses in The Doctrine of Tenrikyo; The Life of Oyasama, Foundress of Tenrikyo; and the dance and musical instruments for the service. Through studying these things, the students will be able to learn the basic teachings and come to appreciate the constant providence of God the Parent.

While in Shuyoka, the students also attend the Besseki lectures and receive the Sazuke, the Divine Grant, which is bestowed in the cause of world salvation. Those who receive the Sazuke become Yoboku, whose mission is to work as the instruments of God the Parent to build the World of the Joyous Life.

The students live together in their respective followers dormitories for the duration of the course so that they can strengthen the ties.

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