Tenrikyo Europe Centre

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Annual activities of TEC

New Year's Day Service
(1st of January at 12:00)

The new year's day service is performed to give thanks for God's blessings during the previous year and the new year.

Après le Service, le TEC organise une fête de l'Osechi où seront préparés le mochitsuki et la cérémonie du thé.

Monthly Service
(Every 2nd Sunday of the month at 10:30)

This is observed every month. The service observed in January and October is called the Grand service because the 26th of October commemorates the day when Tenrikyo teaching was founded and the 26th of January commemorates the day when the foundress Miki Nakayama withdrew from Her physical presence. The service is followed by a sermon.

Tenrikyo Seminar in Europe

Two weeks doctorinal seminar is held once a year. Participants learn the Tenrikyo teachings and taste the joy of faith.

French and English classes are usually opened, but other language classes can also be opened upon request.

Sunday Manabi
(Every Sunday From 15:00 to 16:00)

Anyone is welcome to participate.

For those who are not familiar with Tenrikyo, the instructor will introduce the basic teachings by, for example, using videos.

Depending on participants' requests, the content of the Manabi can include the practice of the hand movements and musical instruments. Consultation is also offered.

Joyous Life Lecture

Tenrikyo teachings are made readily understandable in this lecture particularly for those who do not know them at all. Please see the "upcoming events" for the date.

Charity bazaar

This is held once a year on a Sunday in the end of May. Clothes, furniture, daily necessaries, folk-crafts etc., are on sale. Food stalls are also opened. The total proceeds are donated to "Medicins Sans Frontieres" (Doctors Without Borders), "Office of the United Nations High Commissioners of Refugees", etc..

"TENRIKYO" Newsletter

This newsletter reports events and activities held in "Jiba" (in Nara, Japan), the home of all humanity, as well as throughout the world. It is available in many languages. Please contact the Centre via e-mail or contact form if you want it posted to you.