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Wednesday 1 January 2020

New Year's Day Service at noon


Mochi pounding Festival

This year, as usual, we are hosting the Mochi Festival (mochi rice-pounding) so loved by children. Interested persons are asked to contact TEC.

Date and time
Sun. 15 December 2019 from 14:00 to 17:00
Tenrikyo Europe Centre (RER-B La Croix de Berny)


2019 November Monthly Service Sermon

We are now in the season of falling leaves. Lawns are still green but when covered with fallen leaves, they become mostly brown with sparse greenness. These leaves can be said to give picturesque autumnal tints to the earth. Sweeping up those tints can be a good exercise. When we sweep those fallen leaves soaked in autumn dew, they shine in the sunlight. The green lawn is then visible from underneath, with the green and brown colours combined to form a stunning natural beauty. As I sweep up those fallen leaves, I wonder if they can be likened to dusts in our mind and the green lawn to a cl...