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Sunday 9 September 2018

Monthly Service at 10:30


Sunday Manabi


Every Sunday from 15:00 to 16:00, exept the 2nd Sunday of the month and the days of special events

Forthcoming Manabi

  • Sun 16 September (Doctrine in French)
  • Sun 23 September (Women's musical instruments)
  • Sun 21 October (Doctrine in French)
  • Sun 28 October (Women's musical instruments)


2017 Decembre Monthly Service Sermon

Today, I would like to briefly talk about how Tenrikyo started in Galicia, Spain, as well as how I encountered Tenrikyo. Our fukyosho is in the city of Tui, which is located right beside the River Minho. The river shares the border with Portugal, so it is only a bridge away from Portugal. Our fukyosho was born in this small town. On 3 June 1994, Rev Shin visited us and performed the service. This marked the beginning of Tenrikyo Galicia fukyosho. In 2000, Mr Kodama and his wife...