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Sunday 12 November 2017

Monthly Service at 10:30


Joyous Life Lecture

From Saturday, 28th October through Monday, 5th November, we will welcome Rev. Yoichi Suzuki (Head Minister of Meikeisho Church- Nagoya) as a lecturer from Church Headquarters. He will be giving the Joyous Life Lectures in seven cities in five different countries: London, Paris, Strasbourg Cologne, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Rome.

Other than that, lecture given by reverends residing in Europe will be hold in Leeds on the 17th of September, and in Munich, Madrid, and A Coruña in November.

We hope you all can attend.

Sunday Manabi


Every Sunday from 15:00 to 16:00, exept the 2nd Sunday of the month and the days of special events

Forthcoming Manabi

  • Sun 22 October (Women's musical instruments)
  • Sun 19 November (Women's musical instruments)
  • Sun 26 November (Doctrine in French)
  • Sun 3 December (Women's musical instruments)


2017 July Monthly Service Sermon

According to the kind proposal of Mr. Hasegawa, Director of Tenrikyo Europe Center, I’m going to talk what I did at the opening of Chinzei Amstel Fukyosho. Thank you for coming today. On 25th December, last year, the headmaster of Chinzei daikyoukai applied to the Tenrikyo Headquarters for the documents to establish the Amstel Fukyosho. The application was successful: it was accepted by Tenrikyo Headquarters on December 28th. Today on January 26, on th...