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Teaching of Tenrikyo

The Service

The Service is Tenrikyo's most important rite as it is the fundamental means for the path of single-hearted salvation. In its primary sense, it refers to the Kagura Service conducted in the Inner Sanctuary of Church Headquarters, but it also includes the Dance with Hand Movements, which is known in Japanese as the "Teodori."

The Kagura Service is a reenactment in principle of God the Parent's providence at the time of creation. Ten Service performers encircle the Jiba-Kanrodai and symbolize by hand-gestures the principles of God the Parent's workings, by which humankind and the world were created. The Kagura Service is the means by which we call forth God the Parent's blessings of universal salvation, whereby the world will be reconstructed as the world of the Joyous Life.

Following the Kagura Service, the Dance with Hand Movements is performed by three men and three women on the dais in the Main Sanctuary. Both the Kagura Service and the Dance with Hand Movements are joyously performed by the dancers moving in unison to the Mikagura-uta and in harmony with the music of the nine instruments.

The Kagura Service is also called the "Joyous Service," the "Salvation Service," and the "Service of the Kanrodai," denoting its different aspects.

At Church Headquarters, the Autumn Grand Service is performed on October 26 in commemoration of October 26, 1838, the day on which the Teaching was founded. The Spring Grand Service is performed on January 26, commemorating January 26, 1887, the day on which Oyasama withdrew from physical life. The Monthly Service is conducted on the 26th in each of the other months. In addition, the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service is performed on April 18, and the New Year's Day Service on January 1.

from Yoboku's Guide to Tenrikyo, translated by Tenrikyo Overseas Department

Monthly Service

Tenrikyo Europe Centre conducts the Monthly Service (or the Grand Service) on the second Sunday every month from 10.30am and the New Year's Day Service from noon respectively.