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Teaching of Tenrikyo

The Sazuke

The Sazuke, or the Divine Grant, that we presently receive is also called the "Sazuke of Hand Dance" or the "Sazuke of Ashiki-harai." It is to be administered to those who are suffering from illness to request God's blessing of a recovery.

When God the Parent accepts the sincerity of the person administering the Sazuke and the sincerity of the person to whom it is being administered, any wondrous salvation will be bestowed.

The truth of the Sazuke is granted on request to a person who, through attending the Besseki lectures, has purified the mind and resolved to work for single-hearted salvation.

A person who has received the truth of the Sazuke becomes a Yoboku. The word "Yoboku" means "useful timber," or building material for the construction of the world of the Joyous Life.

Our mission as Yoboku is to dedicate ourselves sincerely to the construction of the world of the Joyous Life by administering the Sazuke and conveying the teachings of Oyasama to others.

From the Scriptures

From now on, I shall save you from any pains, sufferings,
or tumors by the Breath and the Hand Dance.
Ofudesaki VI:106

Though you have never known such salvation until now,
from now on, try it and see!
Ofudesaki VI:107

I have spoken of the Sazuke, the Sazuke.
The Sazuke, no one can know how great its value or how precious it is.
Osashizu, July 7, 1890

"Traveling Expenses"

Oyasama once said: "You will not be able to continue your long journey without traveling expenses. So, I bestow upon you Fertilizer [the Sazuke of Fertilizer] for your traveling expenses" (The Life of Oyasama, page 39). Using "traveling expenses" as a metaphor, Oyasama taught that the truth of the Sazuke is bestowed as a means to help us follow the path of saving others.

from Yoboku's Guide to Tenrikyo, translated by Tenrikyo Overseas Department