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Teaching of Tenrikyo

Tanno, Joyous Acceptance

The original meaning of the Japanese word "tanno" is a state of sufficiency. It refers to a state of mind that is satisfied.

In Tenrikyo, to practice tanno, or joyous acceptance, during times of difficulty does not mean to put up with something or to bear it with clenched teeth. It is not giving up something or simply accepting unpleasant situations as inevitable. Rather, it refers to a positive mode of mind that accepts such difficulties with contentment and gratitude. Practicing tanno in this way will open the door to a brighter life.

The Divine Directions teach: "Tanno is accepted as the repentance for the causality from your previous lives." We should perceive whatever is happening at the moment as embodying the truth of heaven. Then, we can ponder over our causality and resolve to make efforts to build virtue in order to change our life to a brighter one.

from Yoboku's Guide to Tenrikyo, translated by Tenrikyo Overseas Department