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Teaching of Tenrikyo


In the Ofudesaki, the term "causality" is mostly used in reference to "the causality of origin." This causality explains how God the Parent created human beings at the Jiba of Origin to see them lead the Joyous Life and thus share in their joy. The Doctrine of Tenrikyo, which also stresses "our original cause," goes on to explain causality in terms of a strict cause-effect relationship. We read: "When our deeds are good, the truth of good will appear. Conversely, when our deeds are bad, the truth of bad will appear." Causality is not confined only to this life. It will be attached to each soul, which is eternal, and will be carried forward into our future lives.

The teaching of causality is not to be interpreted as a tool to cast blame. We must not forget that it is taught out of the deep parental love that seeks to lead all of us, God's children, to the Joyous Life.

from Yoboku's Guide to Tenrikyo, translated by Tenrikyo Overseas Department